We will look after your bike so please look after our bike bags!

Terms & Conditions

  • Once hired, the bags are the customers responsibility

  • Any damage will be taken from the security deposit.

  • All Damage is at the discretion of the lender. Please inform us immediately of any damage caused in transit and supply photos if possible. (We are fair so please be fair and honest with us)

  • Total loss will incur a £200 fee in addition to the Security Deposit. Usually a total loss will be the airlines responsibility and they should compensate you. We will supply an invoice for the full loss fee so you can claim via your insurance.

  • Please ensure you have sufficient travel insurance to cover this or you will be liable yourself

  • Failure to settle the Total Loss Fee will result in us passing the debt to our Debt Collection Agents

  • Any collection or delivery arrangements agreed in the booking stage must be adhered to.

  • (Postage Customers) Your bag must be packed into its postage box and you available for the courier to collect on the agreed date.

  • A failed collection will incur a £20 fee

  • Any change must be confirmed by email with ourselves 48 hours in advance. (You may be charged for extra days)

  • Do not apply stickers or deface the bag in anyway.

  • Secure your bike properly as described in the guide included with your bag.

  • We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to your bike or anything carried inside the bag whilst in transit. Our bags will not damage your bike. Any discrepancies must be taken up with your luggage handlers or Airline.

  • Please ensure your travel insurance covers you for this. (We Reccomend Yellow Jersey Insurance)

  • Please take sensible precautions to prevent damage to the bag

  • Please take sensible precautions to prevent loss of the bag.


By making an online booking and paying your invoice you are agreeing to these terms and conditions

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